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book reading 2 gallery-thumbnails.php         Recommended Books

  • The Eye Of Revelation by Peter Kelder (book 1)
  • Ancient secret of the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH (book 2)
  • Messages from Water by Masaru Emoto
  • In Tune with the Infinite by Ralph W. Trine
  • Recalled By Life by Anthony J. Sattilaro, M. D.
  • Ageless Body, Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra
  • In search of the hereafter by Reginald M. Lester
  • Heaven is for real by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent
  • Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M.D.
  • The Mozart Effect by Don Campbell
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Wise man 2_51522275-Wise-man      The Words Of Wisdom

  • Life’s challenges are not supposed sideline you.  They’ re supposed to help you discover who you are. They’re the prod that moves you forward.
  • If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.
  • Some people get angry that there are thorns on roses, while others are grateful that roses are found among the thorns.
  • A diamond needs great pressure to be formed and cannot be polished without the use of great friction.  In the same way, people are perfected through the trials and tribulations they endure.
  • Defeat may test you;  It needs not stop you.  If at first you don’t succeed, try another way.  For every obstacle, there is a solution.  Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.  The greatest mistake is giving up.
  • Opportunity rarely looks like an opportunity. Often it arrives incognito, disguised as Misfortune, Defeat, and Rejection.
  • Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest from where you haven’t planted.
  • Harmony would lose its attractiveness if it did not have a background of discord as only those who went through hardship will know the value of life, the value of health, the value of kindness and the value of family.
  • Go on without giving up, without losing hope, at the end you will find the right way to open up.
  • Golden rule of abundance:  Giving-Receiving- Sharing-Generating-Circulating-Cycling-Recycling with Gratitude.  This chain of action and reaction leads to abundance. Those who initiate to give, receive more blessings than those who take from others for their own benefits.
  • Contentment is not about the fulfillment of what you want.  It is the realization of how much you already have.
  • Your mind is a garden;  Your thoughts are the seeds.  You can grow flowers or weeds.
  • A physician told his patient that the best medicine is love.  When a skeptical young man asked “But Doctor, what if it doesn’t work, then what?”  The physician smiled and replied. “Increase the dose.”  

Go to and search for “Teacher Enjoyed Failing This Student But Got Shocked When She Discovered This in His File”,   “Woman Hears Crying Outside Sees Newborn Human Baby Among Stray’s Puppies” and “Animal Helping Other Animals”.

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We can live only a few days without water. What is more, if there is no air, our life would end in minutes. Nevertheless, we do not feel a debt of gratitude because of the abundance of water and air. We have never heard of such things as an “air supply company.” Sunlight is also free. Parental love is also abundant and overflowing. Yet how great is the number of those who do not feel a debt of gratitude.