Did you create this page by yourself or someone did it for you?

Did you create this page by yourself or did someone do it for you?

I did it by myself.

Who is your Hosting Co?

I’m using Godaddy, however if you are interested, here is more info

What are Website Hosting Services and Which is Right for You?

Website hosting services are basically the plot of internet land that your website storefront sits on. If you have a website, it needs to be on the web, and these hosting services are the landlords that put up your site and keep it running so your customers can access and see it when they type in your URL.

There are different types of hosting services that cater to the varying types of businesses. Some web hosting companies will build your entire website, while others will just give you the plot of land and the shovel and leave you to it. Depending on your business model and size, you’ll choose a hosting company based on the factors explained below. Once you understand the terminology, you can weigh features and select the service that works best for your company’s needs.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Company?

Without the best web hosting, your ability to run a successful website is going to be seriously hindered. There is a dizzying array of web hosting providers competing for your business. How can you pinpoint the best one? Start by keeping the following points in mind:

  • Bandwidth

The first thing you need to do when shopping for a web host is to evaluate your disk space and bandwidth needs. If your site features lots of graphics, dozens of pages, and large amounts of traffic, you’re going to need decent bandwidth and disk space. Unlimited plans are available, and they make life easier. If your site is going to be simple and not generate a huge amount of traffic, you should be able to get away with less disk space and bandwidth.

  • Compatibility

Keep compatibility in mind, too. In the excitement of looking for a website hosting provider, you might overlook one critical thing: the type of operating systems that are supported. You’re not going to want to switch operating systems, so double-check this point before settling for a provider.

  • Reliability

Reliability and availability are critical characteristics to consider when shopping around for web hosting. The best web hosting companies offer availability rates of 98 and 99 percent, frequently referred to as “Uptime.” It’s easy to make such claims, though, so make sure to see if they make good on their promises.

  • Security

Security is also an essential concern. Choosing a web hosting provider without learning about its available security features is a big mistake. Things like firewalls, daily backups, and user authentication should all be included. It’s also nice to receive notifications whenever changes are made because they can alert you to suspicious activity.

Take a look at how we choose the best web hosting sites in the industry in order to make a better decision about which is right for you.

The 9 best Hosting Co. 2019

  1. BlueHost (9.8 Outstanding)
  2. Network Solutions (9.5 Excellent)
  3. GoDaddy (9.3 Excellent)
  4. A2 Hosting (8.4 Good)
  5. HostPapa (8.4 Good)
  6. HostGator (8.2 Good)
  7. Web.com (8.1 Fair)
  8. Hostinger.com (7.9 Fair)
  9. WebHostingPad (7.4 Fair)

I cannot load your website correctly. the letters of content run off to the side or too slow from Internet Explorer or Safari.

I get a lot of complains and blames of my website and get requests to fix it but it is not my site issue. Some Browsers have problems. So, try other browsers. Don’t be too loyal to I. E. or whatever you’re using. Just change it to another and try it. Here is a list of 6 best Browsers for Window 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. So you can find your favorite browser and enjoy secure and fast browsing at hand.

  1. Google Chrome Web Browser
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Opera Web Browser
  4. Micro Edge
  5. Vivaldi Web Browser
  6. Internet Browser

Beside of browsers, it could be your computer issues. Here are some suggestions to fix your computer.

  • Try this first. Press F5 on your keyboard to refresh the page, if it doesn’t work, turn your computer off and restart it.
  • Secondly, Turn your computer off and unplug all computer connected lines, cords, such as printer, fax machine, telephone line, internet modem and press the reset button of modem, and wait for a minute or so, then connect all back. Do this monthly, regularly to maintain your computer in top shape.
  • Occasionally, delete cookies and flush DNS when your computer slows down.
  • Here’s how. Go to Internet Explorer Browser (I.E. is installed in all computers) and open it. Click the “Tool” (looks like a cogwheel) on the right top on the screen. Click “Internet Option“, the roll down appears on the left side, then click “Delete. On the next page, check the box of all items contains the words “cookies” then click “Delete“, then click “OK” It’s done.
  • Next is how to flush DNS: Click Start mark on the left side bottom of your computer and type “cmd” in the search box next to the start, you’ll see a black box appears on the left top of the screen. Type “ipconfig/flushdns“, click”Enter” on your keyboard. If you do it right, “DNS flushed successfully” comes out. Then type “Exit“, then press “Enter“. It’s done but it is important to press start mark at very first to continue the procedure. This is for the Window 10 PC. Other computers like Apple computer may require a little different procedure. In that case, find “how to flush dns for Apple or other type of computer in google search.
  • Additionally your computer might need cleanup to delete all the junk programs professionally. If your computer has bigger memory and higher speed internet service, it is a big help to load up faster.
  • If you tried everything I said and still doesn’t work, buy a new computer. Your computer is too old.

Can I hyperlink to your website or blog page?

Sorry, I’m afraid not. Many people are asking for that but I discourage you to do so. If I allow one person to do, I have to allow hundreds of other people to do it. The reason? I wouldn’t know if the site is infected with Malware or deceptive business practices. If my site is infected by hyperlinked site, my site would be held or has to be deleted.

Is there any Anti-hacker plugin?

Unfortunately no. All you can do is to keep upgrading and updating your website and change password frequently. Make sure you add backup system to your site. If you want more security, ask your web tech support to monitor your site. It’ll cost you a bit but it’s worth it.

How can I protect my original website article or prevent a violation of copyright?

You should get an official copyright. Cost and how to apply…are easy to find in google search. Once you get it, you should indicate the warning or infringement at somewhere on the top or the bottom of your website so that any body can see. Here is the warning:

All rights reserved. Any reproduction, copying, or redistribution, in whole or in part, is prohibited without written permission from (the name of your website or domain name). Protected by U.S. Copyright Law {Title 17 U.S.C. Section 101 et seq., Title 18 U.S.C. Section 2319}: Infringements can be punishable by up to five years in prison and $250,000 in fines.

More info about copyrights, I can write here briefly but too lengthy to cover entire fields (Authors’ right, Database right, Indigenous Intellectual Property, Industrial Design right, Integrated Circuit Layout Design Protection, Moral right, Plant Breeders’ rights, etc.)

Definition of Copyright (From Merriam Webster)

The exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell or distribute the matter and form of something (such as a literary, musical, or artistic work). His family still holds the copyright to his songs.

(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Typically, the public law duration of a copyright expires 50 to 100 years after the creator dies, depending on the jurisdiction. Some countries require certain copyright formalities to establishing copyright, others recognize copyright in any completed work, without formal registration. Generally, copyright is enforced as a civil matter, though some jurisdictions do apply criminal sanctions.

  1. How can I concentrate myself before I write?
  2. Can you give some tips and advice for an aspiring beginner blog writer to improve writing skill ?

Here are some suggestions: The following is a brief copy of a famous french psychologist’s advice.

Émile Coué de la Châtaigneraie was a French psychologist and pharmacist who introduced a popular method of psychotherapy and self-improvement based on optimistic autosuggestion. Considered by Charles Baudouin to represent a second Nancy School, Coué treated many patients in groups and free of charge. Wikipedia
Born: February 26, 1857, Troyes, France
Died: July 2, 1926, Nancy, France

The application of his mantra-like conscious autosuggestion, “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better” (French: Tous les jours à tous points de vue je vais de mieux en mieux) is called Couéism or the Coué method.[15] Some American newspapers quoted it differently, “Day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” The Coué method centered on a routine repetition of this particular expression according to a specified ritual—preferably as many as twenty times a day, and especially at the beginning and at the end of each day.[16] When asked whether or not he thought of himself as a healer, Coué often stated that “I have never cured anyone in my life. All I do is show people how they can cure themselves.” [17] Unlike a commonly held belief that a strong conscious will constitutes the best path to success, Coué maintained that curing some of our troubles requires a change in our unconscious thought, which can be achieved only by using our imagination.

Although stressing that he was not primarily a healer but one who taught others to heal themselves, Coué claimed to have effected organic changes through autosuggestion.[15]

Coué identified two types of self-suggestion: (i) the intentional, “reflective suggestion” made by deliberate and conscious effort, and (ii) the involuntary “spontaneous suggestion”, that is a “natural phenomenon of our mental life … which takes place without conscious effort [and has its effect] with an intensity proportional to the keenness of [our] attention” (Baudouin, 1920, pp. 33–34). Baudouin identified three different sources of spontaneous suggestion:

A. Instances belonging to the representative domain (sensations, mental images, dreams, visions, memories, opinions, and all intellectual phenomena);
B. Instances belonging to the affective domain (joy or sorrow, emotions, sentiments, tendencies, passions);
C. Instances belonging to the active or motor domain (actions, volitions, desires, gestures, movements at the periphery or in the interior of the body, functional or organic modifications).[18]

If you want to know more of him, please go to Google search and get more info.

My suggestion for improving your daily life in general is to be positive and repeatedly say to yourself “I can do it” instead of “I want to do it” whenever you have time, day and night. And saying these words 20 times particularly first thing when you wake up and right before you go to sleep. Whatever you wan to say should be very positive.

To improve your writing skill is perhaps to make your habit to write diary and keep reading world famous books, inspiring books to see how they express and describe scenes and stories by using words for you to learn.